About Ratchet Caelan

So in the real world, I’m a professional with a couple of degrees who works really hard to be perfect. But recently, I realized that sucks. So, now I’m having a little fun with some vampire romance.

I am writing season 1, and all of these episodes will be free, posted here for you to enjoy. If you think my writing is fairly decent, I will publish this and a couple other seasons to Amazon and other platforms. Each season will vary in themes and niches, and this season it’s sports as we explore human dignity vs. the call of money. With erotic twists.

This series is in its infancy right now, and whether it continues is totally up to you, the readers. There are links all over the site to the mailing list (see? just put one right there), so I hope you’re digging it and will show it some love. I’m thrilled to write for you guys.