Vampire Need

Hey guys, Vampire Chronicles 3 is late because I decided to spend some time promoting.

I do everything myself right now – covers, promos, edits, publishing on multiple platforms- so there are days when I don’t write and I’m just working on the other aspects of it. It’s somewhat time-consuming, but I still live to write the story.

Here’s an excerpt from The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2. You can start reading the entire first season FREE.




Meet Delaney’s fiancee Bree. And his vampire mate Jai. His side chick Haley. And his personal servant Dawn. Decisions, decisions.

Back in cold sweats again that night, my fiancee Bree lay right next to me, but I felt like the only person on Earth. I curled into a ball in my bed and begged God to show me why. I dreaded the rising of the sun. It only brought with it another day to feel dropped into freezing nothingness. With this irrepressible craving afire in my chest.

Who was I lying to? Something gnawed at my insides, and Bree couldn’t feed it. Not by herself. The constant appetite still tortured me. It had not gone anywhere. In fact, it grew stronger and ate at me by the day. Exhilarating, nasty sex came closest to calming my storm.

Right then, my dick felt so hard it could have murdered somebody. Why did I feel so goddamn lonely, and yet titillated?

I finally almost managed to fall asleep, when I saw movement through my open bedroom door, in the living room. I had to be dreaming. I’d heard no noise. Closing my eyes, a warm draft swept over me. I didn’t have the heat turned on, and my door to the balcony was ajar to let in the winter air.

Opening my eyes again, a figure startled me, as it hovered next to my bed in the dark. Purple eyes glowed back at me. OctoPussy. Glimmers of outside moonlight danced on parts of her body.

Wearing a long white cotton gown that fell around her hips, she floated next to Bree. Her hand outstretched, she ran it along Bree’s sleeping face. Sliding her fingers into Bree’s hair, she stroked it. Deep in unconsciousness, Bree moaned and nuzzled her face further into OctoPussy’s hand. I swallowed as the eyes looked at me, and she cocked her head. I shook my head for her to stop. OctoPussy floated closer downward.

Her body hovered right over Bree’s now. My eyes grew. It was the first time I had ever seen one of them fully fly. She stuck out her tongue and licked Bree’s cheek, to which Bree unconsciously purred. OctoPussy’s other hand emerged. In it, wrapped into many coils, was the silhouette of a long whip. Releasing it on Bree’s skin, the vampire stretched it across Bree’s neck. And then began to press down.

Reaching out my arm, I slid it around her waist, and pulled her toward me. Holding my breath, I waited for whether she would come. I just wanted her away from Bree, not to hurt her. I exhaled as her body finally gave. Smiling, she raised her gown and drifted to my side of the bed, straddling me. She leaned forward, and her exotic scent flirted with my already hardened cock. As she pulled the bodice of the gown down, exposing her breasts. Full and ripe, larger than Bree’s, they nuzzled my face. I wanted to push her away. But part of me didn’t want to cause a stir. The other part of me simply hungered for her.

“Time for me to feed you,” she whispered.

Even as I felt like shit, I opened my mouth. She inserted my dick inside her waiting, tentacled vagina. Still floating, she began to curl her hips on me without making the bed move. Finally, what I had desperately longed for since Bree arrived, OctoPussy quietly fed me. As I slurped on her smooth tit, she pushed me deeper into her. I rolled my eyes at the heavenly feel of all those teeny suction cups pulling on my dick. My hands lifted the white gown around her waist, so I could see her ass in the moonlight, smooth and round like Haley’s. It bounced up and down on me in the air. The purple eyes stared into mine, sweeping me away from Earth.

A few minutes later, a volcano did erupt in me as I fought to control myself. Biting down on my lip, I tried not to make a sound as she gave me one of the best orgasms of my life. She stuck the leather whip between my teeth to bite down on, and let out a little giggle.

I must have climaxed for at least thirty seconds, and I felt her tentacles sucking up my cum. Drained and yet re-energized, I relaxed. The hunger and intense craving had disappeared. All the cold chills I had endured for days, gone. Replaced by warmth and ecstasy soothing me. It felt good not to need or hurt for anything. But I hated that I only found contentment now through Fallon.

Instead of leaving the room, Octopussy laid down on the other side of me. I swallowed as she wrapped her leg around mine and rested her hand on my chest. The long strands of her hair fell over my shoulder and arm. My heart heavy with guilt as it pounded, I hated myself. I didn’t want to love the feel of her heat on me. I both loathed and craved her sensuality, her brazenness. Her chest lay against me.

I didn’t understand. How could this vampire be dead and still warm? How did her skin still have color?

Questions danced in my head as I leaned back and looked at Bree, placing my hand on her waist protectively. My fiancee continued to breathe heavily, snoring in the oblivion of sleep.



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