Vampire Need

Hey guys, Vampire Chronicles 3 is late because I decided to spend some time promoting.

I do everything myself right now – covers, promos, edits, publishing on multiple platforms- so there are days when I don’t write and I’m just working on the other aspects of it. It’s somewhat time-consuming, but I still live to write the story.

Here’s an excerpt from The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2. You can start reading the entire first season FREE.


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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2

So I just published the second novella in a week! While holding down a full-time job! Omg, this hurts so bad. It’s 4 a.m., and I have to get a couple hours of sleep before getting back up. Below is the first chapter of the second novella. For those of you passing through for the first time, this is sports and paranormal romance– vampires in professional basketball.  A little bit of comedy, a whole lot of action, and quite a bit of fucking in between.

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