The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #8: Hellish Haley

Okay, so Delaney’s life is taking a major turn now. The more awesome his situation gets, the tougher his decisions become. No good thing comes without a heavy price. Just how far will he go to reach the top? For anyone who’s dropping in on this episode, this is a serial, and the entire season will be posted here for free. Full disclosure: I will resolve some of the storyline and plot questions in this season, but some of the story arcs will also carry over into other seasons that will be sold on Amazon. I hope you guys understand! Lol, I can’t write free forever!





Today was the eighth day since Fallon had made her offer, and she’d given me ten days. Yeah, I know what I said. But once again, the rest of my life all boiled down to right now. What was I going to do? Watch my Pops die?

Fallon’s assistant arranged to send a private jet for me in two days. Fallon sent word that my family was welcome to travel with me and stay for a while. Including Pops. He would receive private medical aid on the plane, and advanced European health treatments to ease his symptoms. Treatments only accessible outside the United States, for the rich, shit we had never even heard of, Fallon would provide it.

Before I told my family, I decided to sneak in a visit to Mizzou, and see Haley.

I had tried to push her from my mind, but she had remained there, lingering in the back. Her strength, freedom, and fearlessness. Yet because I loved Bree, I tried to work through that. I told myself Haley was only a sex toy, and that Bree was the real deal. Like Pops said.

But I knew better. Haley was more than pussy. She was fire. That girl was her own woman, with an independent rebel streak that drove me insane. Forgetting her didn’t work. Some of the nights that I laid next to Bree, all I could think about was Haley’s creme brûlée softness swishing around my dick, her thick black hair cascading around those flawless butterscotch nipples, lodging me so deep inside her I could live there.

“Fuck you,” Haley spat. I hadn’t been in her apartment five minutes and that Latin mouth was already spewing. “We hardly know each other. Besides, you can’t just come and go when you please.”

Even in her pissed off mode, I sound cheesy as hell when I say she took my breath away. I sighed. “I know and I’m sorry. But you had to know it wouldn’t be easy when you fucked a dude who was engaged. And I know you knew I was!” I turned her around, and looked straight into her eyes. “Mami, don’t tell me no. I’ve wanted you for weeks, and did my damnedest to respect your space. You know you want me too. I could tell how you was fighting it. Fuck you back.”

Hellish Haley

She jumped in my face the way women do, making me want to throw her on the floor and just shove my dick in. No questions asked.

“You weren’t respecting my space. You were trying to run back to Bree after she dumped your ass! Do you know what happened to me? At school, they spray-painted my car, my apartment, called me your Mexican slut. I’m not even fucking Mexican!” She pulled away from me. “Where were you then?”

“What?” I asked. This was news.

“I don’t give a shit what people say about me. But I won’t be your toy. Something you can play with and put away whenever you want.”

“Why didn’t you call? Text? Something?”

“Because I don’t beg, and I don’t use plays for sympathy. Either you want to be with me or you don’t.”

“But if folks was harassing you, you should’ve called me.”

“If you really cared about me, I wouldn’t have had to call!” she snapped back.

“That’s not fair.”

“What in this situation is? The only person who gets to say what’s not fair is Bree. You made the same choice as me. If you didn’t know what you wanted, you shouldn’t have come and got me out of the library.”

“You got game. You knew what you were doing.” I reached out to her.

She slapped my hand away. “No, Delaney! We fucked, and it was nice, but I’m not your side piece anymore!”

“Fine then. You so goddamn special, tell me. How many other motherfuckers’ dicks have you sucked? How many other dudes have you tried to steal? Fucked in they car? Took to your crib the first night? A side piece is exactly what you are.”

“Motherfucker!” she yelled. I expected her hand to fly out, but her foot got me, right in the calf. Then, her fist aimed for my jaw. Fortunately, I caught that one. “Let me go!”

I grabbed her arms, folding them down between us, pinning them to my chest. “C’mon, Br— Haley!”

“Punk motherfucker! Did you almost call me Bree? Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me! Worthless piece of shit! Off!” she screamed, kicking now as I slowly pushed her down to the floor, and leaned on her, trying to calm her down.

“Shhhh. Calm your ass down before somebody calls the police. I’m sorry, okay?” Lying on top of her, against her arms to keep them down, I grabbed her jaw and turned her face to look at me.

“Gi de fook oof me!” she kept saying through squished lips as I squeezed them.

“I said I’m sorry! I been with Bree the last five years. What the fuck you expect? I’m here with you, aren’t I?”

Haley writhed, trying to get away, but I wouldn’t let her up. “Delaney, get off me. I can’t believe you said that shit to me.”

“Why don’t you answer?” I asked again, forcing her face still and placing my eyes just inches from hers so she couldn’t look anywhere else. Our hot breath blew against each other, and my lips brushed hers.

“I don’t have to answer shit. You answer first,” she breathed, puffing her hot breath against me from fighting so hard.

“Three. You, Bree, and a girl from ninth grade. Now. Your turn,” I replied. No smile on my face now, I stared straight into her, looking for the most honest parts. A tear slid down her face and I could tell she was ashamed. Finally, I prodded her. “Go ahead. I want to know what I’m dealing with.”

“Twenty-eight,” she muttered.

“You don’t fuck anybody else. I don’t want nobody else inside you from now on. You’re mine. You hear me?”

I watched her tears as they kept sliding down her temples now. I rubbed my finger across some of them. My hand slid down to her neck, then to her chest, around her breast, cupping it. This goddess turned me on so bad, and the need to get inside her, hold her… was almost too much to control.

“No. Not until you tell me what I am to you,” she answered.

“You’ll be my woman.”

“One of them, or your only? Don’t lie to me, Papi.” Her eyes scanned mine now for truth.

“I want you to be my main woman.”

“Hmph. And what will Bree be?”

“I don’t know. I just know I want you. When I lay my head down, I want it to be on you. I want to fuck you as hard as I can. I want my dick to reach every centimeter in your soft, creamy ass. I want to hear that smart ass mouth talking shit to me. Them kissable, petite lips around my nuts. All this silk hair in my fingers. My arms around you during the holidays. Them brown eyes twinkling at me when I give you the world. For the rest of my life.”

“It sounds too complicated. I’m sure you said the same thing to Bree. She even got a ring. If you did it to her, you’ll do it to me. And I guess this would be your m.o.? Huh? Stay away long as you like, do what you want and then come knock on my door? What the fuck? Oh, I get it. You’re Kobe and I’m Vanessa. Say you’re sorry and I shut up?”

I ran my hands down my face, growing more frustrated, and I knew I had to leave soon. “Actually, Bree is Vanessa, and you’re the hotel chick in Colorado,” I snapped, standing to get up. I know I shouldn’t have gone there. But I drove all the way up here, just to see her, when I should have been back home saying goodbye to my friends.

She screamed for me to get out.

I tried one more time. “Why you got all these questions all of a sudden? Did you think about all that when you left the library with me? When you was bouncing around at Upward House flinging your hair? What else were you expecting to reap from that situation? I can’t believe you’re shitting all over what was supposed to be a beautiful moment. Fuck this, man, I gotta go.”

“That’s right. Take your ass back to Bree. I won’t sit around wondering when it’ll be my turn. Where are you getting ghost to now? Kansas City? D.C.? Your NBA tryouts in New York?”

“Nah. Europe.”

I opened the door and bounced.


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