My new transfixion with Selena Kitt

Since I started writing erotica, I’ve been studying up.

I mean that only makes sense. I don’t think any genre of fiction is a get-rich-quick scheme these days. So from Goodreads to Dirty Discourse to Reddit to Kboards to the Amazon book blurbs and one-star bad reviews, I’ve been digging in. Trying to learn how to write, market and promote organically. In my travels across the internet, I came across this bad-ass author named Selena Kitt. OMG. She is one of my heroes now. One of my favorite author statements of all time:

Jeff Bezos may have put out the product, but I made the Kindle into what it is today….  Readers could suddenly read erotica without anyone seeing the cover…. THAT is what sold Kindles. Porn. Face it, Jeff Bezos. You owe the success of Kindle to me, and to every erotica writer out there making a living writing “porn.”

Gasp. Jaw falls. One day, when I’m a big girl…

For fellow authors who care to see her piece that offers advice on surviving Amazon, here’s the link: Survival Tips for the Pornocalypse.




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