Ratchet Vampires Update

So I am changing the cover of these installments because I notice the current cover is attracting more men than women. I LOVE the men and how supportive you are, but truth is, I can’t alienate the ladies.

Especially since they are the primary readers of erotica fiction. For those of you who appreciate numbers and really want to see what I’m basing this on, here’s another nice article with statistics. Granted, romance isn’t erotica, but they’re in the same ballpark.

I’d love to get your feedback and insight. If you’re a fellow writer (or reader) who knows this genre (because I certainly don’t), I welcome input on what I may not be considering. (If you dare to share some secrets.) After all, I’m kind of shooting in the dark with just my research. But with all the love I’m putting into this series, I really want to give it a niche that loves it as much as I do.

Here are both covers, just for comparison! Notice the changes? 😉

Ratchet Vampires cover 3

Old Cover

Ratchet Vampires- w D- title 2

New Cover


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