The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #5: Little Church Girl & the Ho.

Turning things up a bit in this one, folks! I’m having a little too much fun as my characters begin digging themselves into a nasty pit.

So, the great thing about WordPress is that it has all these cool stats showing me when people read the blog. And it seems my good days are the middle of the week. Lol, so I did more writing over the weekend, trying to get ahead some, and waited until today to post.

Thank you all SO much for the love on Facebook! I really need the encouragement since I’ve never done erotica. One of you mentioned Lynsay Sands and another vampire author, so of course, now I must find time to read and check out their writing styles. I’m always happy to study up and learn the craft.

Enjoy this! Gotta go write…



The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #5: The Little Church Girl & the Ho

Finally, one morning as I left my house for exams, Bree popped up at my door.

“Why?” she insisted.

“What?” I asked, genuinely stunned. This had never happened. Surprisingly enough, no woman had ever figured out that I had danced on her dick. My trysts had been short and brief enough that, by the time they grew suspicious, I was out.

So right now, Bree looked sleepless and distraught, as if she had been up all night. The pretty, tawny-skinned belle looked angelic even as she flicked a piece of paper in my face. I could see why Delaney liked her innocence. My eyes drifted down to what looked like a receipt.

“You fucked my fiancee. You had to know he was engaged to me. Why?” she snapped. At 7:15 a.m., her creaky voice smacked of exhaustion, but still carried a sharp enough bite. “Long ass white girl hair in his car. Women’s body spray stinking up the seats. And your name is on this goddamn receipt! How long you been fucking him?”

catfight 3

That night, he’d only had seven bucks in his jacket. He rarely carried his wallet since everyone in Columbia, Missouri— police, liquor store owners— knew the athletes. So he rarely needed ID or money, and I sprang for the weed. Right then, I could only shake my head. “You need to go talk to Delaney.”

“So you’re not going to answer me, huh? You got enough balls to fuck my future but you don’t have enough to say it to me like a woman?” she challenged.

Any other time, Lord knows I would have. The only thing keeping my mouth closed was Delaney. I knew Bree meant a lot to him. Like his sister, or his longtime friend. But not his wife.

He just hadn’t realized it yet. Like so many overachievers, this girl was perfectly predictable. I already knew that, in her, Delaney had seen his life for the next twenty years— cozy family barbecues, professional outings with the same crowd over and over, the same lovemaking once a week — and that could put anybody to sleep. He was a good man who’d always taken the honorable path. But in his heart, Delaney was still fighting the truth: he had never experienced anything else, and if he married Bree, he never would.

Looking in her tearful eyes now, only two feet from mine, my heart was genuinely heavy for her. But as far as I was concerned, I had done her a big favor. Since he had satisfied some of his fantasies with me, they just might be okay and work their way through this.

“Look, Mami. I can’t help you with your situation. You need to ask your man about his decisions. I don’t owe you shit.”

“And you’re not denying it. At least you’re not lying. But I don’t get it. You’re beautiful. I’ve seen the way guys look at you. You could have anybody you want. You could easily find your own man. So why him?”

Finally, I gave her just a taste of Hellish Haley.

“I take care of Delaney different than you do. He needs us both. Who knows?” I reached out and watched her mouth drop as I cupped her breast over her t-shirt, my thumb gently stroking her, pushing aside her bra and finding her nipple. I licked my lips. She slapped me. Which I had expected. But I think she actually enjoyed it. “I’ll give you that one, since you’re hurt and all. But, maybe you and I could be friends. If he makes it to the league, we both can take care of him. I give him his fantasies, and you give him his kids. Think about it.”

I hated having to go there, because I actually liked her and she was a nice person. So I had given her Haley Lite.

She was so proper. But poor thing. The little church girl had spent too much time with Sunday school females her whole life, and had never crossed a bitch who didn’t give a fuck.

Closing my apartment door behind me, I shifted my backpack on my shoulder and started walking backward, putting distance between us before I turned for my car.

She yelled behind me, “If you think I spent all these years helping him, just to groom him for you, you got another thing coming! Little cheap slut!”

Of course things got intense after that.

At school, walking around on campus between classes, I got the stares, snickers and chants from Bree’s sorority sisters of “Mexican slut.” When I got to the parking lot, “D-Harp’s ho” was written on my car that I just got last summer. I filed a police report and they reviewed the video footage, but the camera shots didn’t cover the face of the person who did it. “D-Harp’s ho” had also been spray painted onto my apartment window, which my landlord wasn’t thrilled about removing. That person had worn all black and a ski mask, so no hope for locating them.

Needless to say, I didn’t see Delaney for a while after mine and Bree’s little encounter, and I figured they were trying to work things out. Good for them. We’d had fun. Or some of us anyway.

A few weeks went by of nothing as spring became summer. Senior graduation came and went. I actually missed his cocky, sensual smile and that calm presence. It had been a nice thrill for me— teaching him things, and watching his eyes almost pop when I rode him like a stallion. I had no regrets.

Then came the NBA draft. I watched it while doing some reading for a new summer job. From round to round, Delaney’s name was never called. My heart went out to him. He had worked so immensely hard. When he wasn’t jamming me, that is…

Finally, at the beginning of July, I got the door knock. Once Bree had fully relocated from Columbia, Missouri, and started her new job in Washington, D.C. He invited me to take a ride with him.

Wait. I know he and I had screwed around. But I admit it, okay? I may have caught a couple of feelings for him.

And that changed things. Now that my heart had started doing something a little weird when he looked at me with those needful eyes, I had to get control of this situation. He couldn’t just turn me on and off like I was some kind of toy, now that Bree was no longer here. Also, what was his job status now that he was technically no longer a college athlete?

I politely declined.


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