The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #4: Mami’s Here

This is my fourth installment of The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles: Mami’s Here. You’re about to meet someone totally new, and special. I’m starting to turn things up a bit as far as the tension and interplay between the characters. Please let me know what you think!


I made sure I fucked his dick up. Delaney needed it.

I didn’t come onto him at all. Only put myself in places where he couldn’t miss me.

Within two months he found me in the library, pulled me into a remote aisle, slipping his big hands under my sweatshirt. (Of course I wasn’t wearing a bra. My sweatpants said “oh, innocent little me” but my black lace thong stretching down my crack said “I’ve been waiting.”) His eyes looked hungry, needy. Without saying a word, he grabbed me and sucked on my lips like it was his last night on Earth.

In the back of his jeep, I sat my full ass and size six hips squarely on his face.

Mami’s here. He wasn’t getting anything else until he introduced himself properly. I skidded my pearly cock across his finely chiseled chin and mouth, so he could meet his new boss. I felt his whole tongue inside me, prodding and exploring my vagina. When he got home to his girl, she would taste my uterus.

Haley 2

Then, I rewarded him. Helped myself to his nice-sized dick, sitting on it and staying on it. He was just a little larger than Pastor. Nice. When I thrust my ass on him slow, it drove him crazy. I made him wait for every painstaking twerk of the buttery folds in my canal on his dick. I’m thicker and healthier than Bree, so Delaney was in wonderland, rubbing and slurping on my perfectly rounded titties and nipples, as my long black hair with frosted streaks cascaded everywhere. His tongue sucked and licked, his teeth biting, like he explored a new planet. We headed to my place, where we made it to my kitchen counter, smashing my bananas and my ass smearing the mess everywhere. During a break I tried to wipe it up by filling the sink with hot sudsy water, and we wound up sploshing it about when he threw me onto the sink edge.

He came all over my ass, my tits, in my hair, my stomach, thighs. When his long dick squirted in my throat, I swallowed. I don’t know why. I guess because I just liked him as a person and something about him moved me to do it.

Afterward, I didn’t pursue him. My pussy was like drugs so I knew he would be back.

He actually tried to stay away, and I applaud him for that. I wasn’t going to pursue him either. He was the one in a relationship, so what did I look like hunting down somebody else’s man? It had been fun, and yes, he was sweet and a gentleman. A really great guy. But there was the question of what he would do with himself after graduation. Between the NBA or getting a job, and marriage, he came with too many question marks for me to worry myself over a one-night stand.

Now. If he came back to me for more, that was another thing.

Several weeks later, when Bree traveled to Washington, D.C., for a job interview, I got a knock on my door. The first of several episodes that he would sneak in when he could– right after practice or a training, or a game, or before heading home to Kansas City. Before he drove home to Bree, he would stand in the entrance of my apartment like a hungry puppy, lips glistening, eyes drinking me up, and he wouldn’t say a word. Yeah, I know. With all this women’s movement shit, I should be offended. But that would kill the fun. God bless them. I bent over and arched my back, pushing out my custard pudding ass and glistening pussy, like come to Mami. 

For his last few Mizzou games, he placed me and Adry on his guest list. I was careful not to approach him too hard in public, since I wasn’t trying to end his relationship. Just give him the support his girl couldn’t provide. Since Bree didn’t attend every single game, it seemed we could play it safe. And one night, when Bree traveled for another job prospect, I had Adry drive up from St. Louis for some menage. It drove him crazy to watch Adry widen her whole tongue and grind it in my cunt, then suck up all of my cum.

My darling Adry. She hated that I was so far away. Showing me how much she missed me, my girl always threw my thighs around her neck and buried her face in my crotch, feeding on my pussy like I was her last supper.

“I miss you, Bitch,” she said.

“I miss you too, Baby,” I told her, pushing back her hair. She held my ass up like a bowl of ham hocks, and slurped on my thighs before sliding her tongue inside my slit. I gently pushed her head in, while she made love to my cock. “Ah yeah, Baby, that’s it,” I hummed. “Mmm.” I licked my lips, as she jerked her head and feasted.

That broad loved me so much. She ate me just right. Had known how I liked it since third grade when I moved next door to her in the projects. No man had ever eaten me better than Adry. As kids, we built a pathetic little hut in my tiny backyard, under the trees where no one could see. And when my madre was at work, and her mom was in their house getting laid or coming down from a high, she began showing me what men did to her mom.

“It’s okay,” she’d said. “My mom says this is called having fun. Grownups do this all the time.” Before we developed breasts, we were trying all kinds of things. But when Adry got expelled for trying something on a girl at school, my madre got wind of it. Started sending me to relatives for summers and holidays, enrolling me in summer programs, and girl scouts. But it was always hard for me to make other friends, and sometimes I got kicked out. I’ve never been a girly girl, and Adry was the only person who understood my God complex. As soon as madre made enough money, she got us out of the projects to a respectable two-bedroom apartment, but she could never keep Adry and me apart.

I didn’t know what my baby would do once I graduated college and left Missouri.

Delaney had never had a menage, and was so excited, plunging his dick in her for a round, and then me. Repeatedly. I couldn’t be jealous watching him violently yank her ass on his cock, as my girl whined. She hung out her tongue, and I sucked it, stroking her breasts until she let her gut-wrenching screams go. It made me happy like I was taking care of her. We took breaks in between to smoke some pot and order real food.

But while at some of his Mizzou games, I noticed another woman eying him. She was young, attractive, a white woman who looked like she had stepped out of a fifties movie. She appeared to be some kind of business woman who looked like she owned the world.

One night, after one of his games, I watched her walk Delaney out to the parking lot, where they got into a waiting white Bentley. Complete with a chauffeur holding open the door as they got in. What the fuck?

When this woman showed up, she didn’t sit higher up in the guest spots. She sat in the VIP section, not paying attention to the other players and only eying Delaney. I had not seen her around campus before, and yet she was hard to miss. Young, a tall, shapely white girl with pitch black hair, razor cut into a sleek bob, that fell around her shoulders. The way her smooth pencil dress fit crisply around each curve, complete with a women’s overcoat having cutout sleeves, told me her tastes were high-priced. Maybe even custom-fitted. She couldn’t be a college student. Draping a scarf over her head, there was a vintage flare to her.

She descended the stairs after a game, the first after he and Bree had separated, and placed her hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Then she leaned into him, whispering and giggling as they talked.

There was something about her that, I must admit, pissed me off. Maybe it was how she seemed magnetic. Powerful. Somehow, as I stared, I found myself getting an acute feeling of longing between my legs, extending into the deepest part of my chest. As if my body was craving someone to fuck me from inside. The two times I saw her, I climbed into my car feeling as if I had left a piece of me inside the arena.

“D, who’s that?” I finally asked him, after he stopped by my apartment to grind on me before going home to Bree.

“Aw, that’s Fallon. A basketball team owner. She’s a private investor.”


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