Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #1: Operation Steal An Athlete

This is my very first post! Whoop! This entire season is free! All episodes are available with just one click. Been writing my butt off, and I hope you enjoy them. I plan to wrap it up in the next couple of days so I can move on to the next season. Let me know what you think! This is my first time writing the big “E” and your feedback would be SO helpful!

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I knew what many people on campus thought of me. And I felt bad for her. I knew I was wrong. I had always been the baddie. Rebelling and undermining “good girls” was the only thing that satisfied me.

She may have been the homecoming queen, Student Government president, her sorority vice president, a White House intern, an astronaut, and all this other magnificent shit. But she wasn’t me.

Ratchet Vampires- w D- title 2

What can I say? Every other time, the steal had never been personal, more for sport. Sometimes I would steal a guy just because I was bored. Then, I would get bored with whatever dude I had taken, and simply stop texting him back. Take a few days off from my job so he couldn’t just fall in. Most of the time, they got over it but with the couple guys who had gotten a little too hooked, I found new jobs. When they caught me on campus, I made sure to stay near a crowd. Ugh. He could go back to whomever now.

Only this time, I screwed up. Big time. I fell in love with Bree’s boyfriend. But that’s not even the complicated part. What started as me being a bitch and having a little fun turned out to be more than a typical love triangle.

My thing wasn’t athletes or the most obvious male whores— not frat guys or the “it” dude on campus. No, too easy. I’d leave those pickings for girls who needed the status.

I loved the “intelligent ones”. Church boys, tomorrow’s upstanding politicians in the making, the focused and driven ones with a moral compass. So sweet and cute how they wore their loyalty and principles on their sleeve. For me, the turn-on was when a guy was a real man, the way he had this quiet inner strength. I always wanted to see just how strong in the head he was. And most of the time, the answer was “not very.”

At the University of Missouri, my major was social work because I loved helping troubled children. My favorite times were Saturdays at Upward House, mentoring middle school youth with learning disabilities.

That’s where I first truly noticed Delaney Harper.

He threw his arm around the shoulders of a fourteen year-old eighth grader, and quietly walked this kid away from a group of boys, to talk in private. He had my attention. Not just for a thrill or a challenge either.

I wasn’t anywhere near bored at that time, since I was getting it really good with a prominent pastor on his international trips. Flying on his church’s private plane, I accompanied him to pastors’ conferences in London and Switzerland, as well as humanitarian aid missions in Nigeria, South Korea and the Czech Republic, while his wife stayed behind for kids’ activities.

For London, my girlfriends came too. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, me and my bestie since third grade, Adriana, had him at the same time. The sun set in his bedroom as I let her have his dick for her birthday. He and I took turns torturing her in a sandwich. While he plunged his nine-inch dick into her pussy from behind, I chewed on her nipples hard every time he thrust her forward. My girl could have whatever I had, so we shared good men, never putting it before the friendship, looking out for one another. She had even killed for me. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Nothing I wouldn’t give her.

Ratchet knobs

“Ayyyy, Papi. Oh no. Oh shit,” she had moaned, bouncing up and down on his cock. We had so much fun helping ourselves to somebody else’s husband, and his money. Even though she released delighted little squeals, Pastor’s secretaries and assistant pastors didn’t care. They couldn’t stand his wife, so as far as they were concerned, the joke was on her. I had even made friends with a couple of them, and we had become dining connoisseurs. At the church’s expense of course.

It was fun and we were only twenty. There were no rules.

We managed to squeeze the fun out of an otherwise rough life. I was in a pretty good place.

Until I laid eyes on Delaney.

Calm, comfortable in his skin and unassuming, Delaney stood six foot three, and was a caramel-complexioned, intelligent brother with an innocent, comical side. I had seen him across campus many times before and we said hello. Sure, he was handsome. But since I wasn’t into the club scene, nor a groupie, and not big on athletes, I had written him off as another mindless country bumpkin. Here on an athletic scholarship who wouldn’t graduate, nor go pro, and would be a car salesman in the next five years.

That Saturday, seeing him interact with those kids, talking, laughing, debating and rapping with them, I knew it. This one was rare. He was the real thing.

Though I had been at Mizzou for three years, I attended my first basketball game that Saturday night. I could see his teammates and everyone respected him, laughing and joking. He had scored maybe seven or eight points as a forward, and he wasn’t the star. Still, people loved him. He was beautiful. Not his athleticism, but his humanity.

While spying on him at this game, I saw he had a girlfriend.

She wore her immense happiness all over her. The satisfaction and excitement in her eyes when she looked at him. The way she threw her arms around his neck. Leaned her head back and laughed while he slid his arms around her. Doing further investigation, I learned they had just gotten engaged three weeks before, at Thanksgiving. Both seniors, they had come here together from high school.

Oh boy.

I must admit. Any self-respecting woman would have ended her pursuit there. But I can’t explain it. I had to have Delaney. Seeing how solid, calm and impenetrable he was got my panties wet. If he and his girl were that strong, then everything should be fine. And the happy couple would make it down the aisle.

I played it just right.



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