Because I write like I mean it…

When I’m writing my short stories and novels, I embrace the deep penetration. I become the “bad girl” and I crave the “bad boy”.


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I just hit publish!

I know that may not sound like much of a big deal, but RVC 4 is long overdue. Pulling the trigger feels like I just finished a year of college or graduated high school or some other growth process. It took me a minute to push this one out.

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Vampire Need

Hey guys, Vampire Chronicles 3 is late because I decided to spend some time promoting.

I do everything myself right now – covers, promos, edits, publishing on multiple platforms- so there are days when I don’t write and I’m just working on the other aspects of it. It’s somewhat time-consuming, but I still live to write the story.

Here’s an excerpt from The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2. You can start reading the entire first season FREE.


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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles 2

So I just published the second novella in a week! While holding down a full-time job! Omg, this hurts so bad. It’s 4 a.m., and I have to get a couple hours of sleep before getting back up. Below is the first chapter of the second novella. For those of you passing through for the first time, this is sports and paranormal romance– vampires in professional basketball.  A little bit of comedy, a whole lot of action, and quite a bit of fucking in between.

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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles: Initiation Night

The first three novellas will be published next week! I’m SO psyched. I’ve never published vampire novels OR erotica before. I’ve been reading up and doing my homework. Also as you know, I’ve been writing and working pretty hard these last few weeks. So I haven’t had much time for blogging online. But the mailing list is growing, so you guys are definitely interested in this. Thanks for the love!

I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to hearing any feedback you have about Delaney, Haley, Bree, Fallon and this wild ride they are embarking on.

If the stories get a strong response, I’ll work my butt off to put out a large series. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes!


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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles: My Enemy’s Daddy

Hey folks, I haven’t posted because I have been writing frantically to get the new three-part novella done for The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles. I expect to release it in early September. I also started a new day job, which slows things. (Ugh) But here’s a snippet from one of the vampire novellas. Gotta go for now, but I hope you enjoy it!



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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #9: A Whole New Life

Okay, so I’m writing more furiously than ever now so I can get this series up on Amazon by the end of the month! I need to go write. But I hope you enjoy and weigh in with thoughts!  I’ll probably release another one of these in the morning. I’m moving at warp speed now. I will try and post in a few days about the series and the cover reveals. But you can see a peak at the Facebook page and Twitter in my new covers over there.

For those just dropping in, this is paranormal vampire romance. Enjoy!


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The Ratchet Vampire Chronicles #8: Hellish Haley

Okay, so Delaney’s life is taking a major turn now. The more awesome his situation gets, the tougher his decisions become. No good thing comes without a heavy price. Just how far will he go to reach the top? For anyone who’s dropping in on this episode, this is a serial, and the entire season will be posted here for free. Full disclosure: I will resolve some of the storyline and plot questions in this season, but some of the story arcs will also carry over into other seasons that will be sold on Amazon. I hope you guys understand! Lol, I can’t write free forever!




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